Zelenkovac, the Green Oasis of Krajina

, Zelenkovac

The story of Eco Zone Zelenkovac began back in 1986, on the exact place where a quarry used to be, in the deep forests behind Mrkonjić Grad in western Bosnia's Krajina region. This success story is...

village elder from Lukomir

Keeping Company

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I was helping a Swiss TV crew do a documentary on Bosnia some years back. I can’t recall exactly when but I do know it was summer. They asked me to take them to Lukomir, the highest and most...


Drežnica – unconquerable but hospitable

, Drežnica

Drežnica is a small place, but a place rich in history - a witness to the demise of various empires, conquerors, hajduks, and all others who dared to set foot in this areas. Drežnica escorted them...


Green Mountain getaway

, Zelengora

Zelengora, translated as Green Mountain, is, as one might guess, the greenest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina .  It is also the natural barrier between Bosnia and Herzegovina’s climatic...


We’re back…for good

It has been almost a year since the pilot project "Walking the Via Dinarica' successfully came to a close. We had walked a million steps from the highest peaks in the Dinaric Alps in Valbona,...

croatian girls

Photo Galleries Galore

Forgive our silence. We've been working on the web side of the Via Dinarica site. As you know, our amazing photographer Elma Okic took thousands upon thousands of images during their trek from...