The Bloodiest Peak of All

, Bjelašnica

Krvavac (bos. "krv" - blood) is the second highest peak of Mt. Bjelašnica, towering 2062 meters above sea level. In order to reach Krvavac, one is confronted with many obstacles - from dragons and...

Photo by Elma Okic

Bosnia in Hiking Boots: A History of Mountaineering Clubs


It is a kind of local truism in Bosnia-Herzegovina that “mountaineers are the most positive people.” This is no banal statement in a society that has been struggling to rebuild itself...


A hopeful alternative


One of our tasks as part of the Via Dinarica team is to bring to you - outdoor enthusiasts from near and far - a wide range of news from the hundreds of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, towns and...


Zelenkovac, the Green Oasis of Krajina

, Zelenkovac

The story of Eco Zone Zelenkovac began back in 1986, on the exact place where a quarry used to be, in the deep forests behind Mrkonjić Grad in western Bosnia's Krajina region. This success story is...

village elder from Lukomir

Keeping Company

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I was helping a Swiss TV crew do a documentary on Bosnia some years back. I can’t recall exactly when but I do know it was summer. They asked me to take them to Lukomir, the highest and most...


Drežnica – unconquerable but hospitable

, Drežnica

Drežnica is a small place, but a place rich in history - a witness to the demise of various empires, conquerors, hajduks, and all others who dared to set foot in this areas. Drežnica escorted them...