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Forgive our silence. We've been working on the web side of the Via Dinarica site. As you know, our amazing photographer Elma Okic took thousands upon thousands of images during their trek from...


Calling all Dinaric peeps!!

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Hello all.  The Via Dinarica team, as you know, has completed its first leg of the trip. Since then, we have been working on gathering as much information as we can and strengthening our network...

Team Croatia

Croatia’s perspective of Via Dinarica – an open letter


Via Dinarica – Croatian perspective The first leg of Mountain Guide Station Zagreb (SPVZ) involvement in the „Walking the Via Dinarica“ is over and it was a great success! It was a success...

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Thanks to our friends and partners of Via Dinarica!

Via Dinarica

The first lap of Walking the Via Dinarica has been completed. In just under two months we ascended on 23 mountain summits, visited more than 30 mountain lakes, rafted rivers, mountain biked in...


The tail of the dragon

, Sneznik

The team til now had played on the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps. The end of the road was now in site. They had traveled from the mighty head of the dragon, the Accursed Mountains in Albania, to...


An ode to frozen partisans

, Risnjak

On the way towards Bijele Stijene the team picked up Alan Caplar, the editor of the Croatia Mountain Association's magazine and author of the biblical guide to hiking in Croatia.  They were also...