Postanite dio Via Dinarica mreže u BiH

Tim Terra Dinarica će u narednom periodu prikupljati informacije sa terena, na ključnim mjestima trase Zelene linije, prvenstveno u vezi sa pružanjem usluga smještaja i ishrane. Informacije koje će tim prikupljati se tiču lokaliteta na kojima ne postoje smještajni kapaciteti, ili na lokacijama gdje je


Ridge Walking on the Via Dinarica

30°C Sunshine, 3.000 m of ascent and 30 km of ridge walking – a good day on the Via Dinarica! Day 4 After a leisurely day of hiking on snow it was time for some serious distance and ascent today. The day started at six


Snow & Sunshine on the Via Dinarica

After getting lost on the Via Dinarica the previous day, today we had a superb blue-bird day with wide views, wall-to-wall sunshine and nice snowy trails. Day 3 We spend the night in the wonderful Vrutak hut, and having decided the day before that we


What makes the Via Dinarica The best trail of 2014?

Is it the idea of connecting seven countries via humanities simplest activity, walking? Or something else? Reason enough for me to pack my backpack, book a flight to Sarajevo and investigate. “What are your expectations of this trip?” Tim asked me after he picked me



Stecci are the mysterious medieval tombstones found throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The medieval tombstones that dot the countryside are a testament to its rich cultural and natural heritage. For this reason, they have been nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stecci are often found in


Gastronomy of Wine Route

Sir iz mijeha / Sack cheese This type of strong cheese is made from sheep or cow milk. It is matured in sacks made of sheep skin. This ingenious invention has apparently been around since Illyrian times when Dubrovnik merchants would eagerly awaited the shepherds


Livno’s Wild Horses

On the plains and foothills of Cincar Mountain, which towers above the town of Livno in western Bosnia, wild horses roam free. There is said to be over two hundred of these horses roaming the area, having first appeared in this location almost half a