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Una National Park: A Gem on the Green Trail

On the second day of our trip, I visited Una National Park with National Geographic Explorers Lois and Shawn. The Via Dinarica Green Trail goes through the park, which is in Bosnia and Herzegovina near the Croatian border. I had been dying to visit this place for ages,

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A Green Trail Photo Essay: Jajce and the Šipovo Eco Zone

Last weekend, Terra Dinarica traveled with the National Geographic Explorer team to visit a few locations on the Via Dinarica Green Trail. On our first day, we took a coffee break in Jajce and hiked through the Šipovo Eco Zone. Jajce Jajce is one of


Forging Through Deep Woods in Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park may be the Yosemite of the Balkans, but the route from Donje Bare through Kovačev Panj could just as easily be compared to a temperate rainforest. This path takes you through vibrantly green forested meadows of aromatic wild spring onions (srijemuš), babbling


Postanite dio Via Dinarica mreže u BiH

Tim Terra Dinarica će u narednom periodu prikupljati informacije sa terena, na ključnim mjestima trase Zelene linije, prvenstveno u vezi sa pružanjem usluga smještaja i ishrane. Informacije koje će tim prikupljati se tiču lokaliteta na kojima ne postoje smještajni kapaciteti, ili na lokacijama gdje je


Ridge Walking on the Via Dinarica

30°C Sunshine, 3.000 m of ascent and 30 km of ridge walking – a good day on the Via Dinarica! Day 4 After a leisurely day of hiking on snow it was time for some serious distance and ascent today. The day started at six