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What countries are included in the Via Dinarica?  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

How can I participate in the Via Dinarica? The Via Dinarica is an open concept. It aims to promote the entire region, including yours, to tourists looking for sustainable, active holidays that are specifically catered to support local communities. Your participation depends on you whether you act as an individual, a business, or an NGO.

How can I find out more about Via Dinarica? More information on the Via Dinarica can be found at or you can contact us through e-mail:Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

How long will the Via Dinarica project last? The project has no end. One of the aims of this project is bring the trail from conceptual stage to its realization. With the information we gather and share as a result of walking the entire length of the Dinaric Alps, Via Dinarica comes to life with maps, guides, information, and stories that promote you and your community.

Who can join? Via Dinarica is not a club or an organization. It’s a live concept that connects us all,  naturally. Each country has embraced the Via Dinarica idea and all of us will continue to promote and improve the conditions on the trail and in each of our communities. It is owned by all and it is all of our responsibility to work together to care for it.

What will this project result in? In other words, what do you get out of it? Our walk from Albania to Slovenia will result in several things. 1. An inventory of the tourism resources available along the entire trail. This will help us prioritize areas that need more assistance. 2. We will promote the trail and its local stakeholders (you) at a local, regional and international level with travel writers, film, photography and blogging that will be occurring real time during our walk.

…so it will result in:

  1. Increased exposure of you and your region
  2. It should lead to increase in visitor numbers and more business opportunities for you
  3. Local, regional and international media and press coverage       
  4. A unique central platform (, powered by the social media, for:    
    1. connection and exchange with your partners    
    2. sharing of ideas and experiences             
    3. acting as pool of stories and visual material of this great trail that you are part of
  5. Interaction with visitors, clients, partners and agencies that matter to you
  6. Everyone becoming part of a bigger story and an international mega-trail

What can I do to help?

  • Be part of it!
  • spread the word
  • share Via Dinarica stories on your FB pages (especially from your region)
  • post photos and videos generated during the trail walk
  • point people to


Via Dinarica BiH Terra Dinarica | Vladimira Nazora 2, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone: +387 62 393 393 e-mail:

Via Dinarica Croatia Ivanićgradska 59A, 10000 Zagreb, Cro
Phone: +385 91 500 55 27, Valentina Futač, e-mail:

Via Dinarica Slovenia RRA Zeleni kras, d.o.o., Prečna ulica 1, 6257 Pivka, Slo
Phone: +386(0)5 72 12 243, Fax: +386(0)5 72 12 245,

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smm5.png smm5.png smm5.png