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Our partners come from far and wide. We count on tour operators, national park management, local authorities, NGO’s, mountain guides, rescue service, farmers, and ordinary folk trying to carve themselves a living from the rugged and beautiful terrain of the Dinaric Alps. We will list all of the partners and associates of the project as we move along the trail.

We must first and foremost thank the folks that made this trip possible: USAID and UNDP BiH. Without their support we’d still be dreaming about doing this. Now we’re doing it! The others are those who have been key in helping us implement this pioneer expedition and we hope their will be many more. Our goal of the Via Dinarica as an open concept is to have as many quality partners as possible…so please do join us!

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Via Dinarica BiH Terra Dinarica | Vladimira Nazora 2, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone: +387 62 393 393 e-mail:

Via Dinarica Croatia Ivanićgradska 59A, 10000 Zagreb, Cro
Phone: +385 91 500 55 27, Valentina Futač, e-mail:

Via Dinarica Slovenia RRA Zeleni kras, d.o.o., Prečna ulica 1, 6257 Pivka, Slo
Phone: +386(0)5 72 12 243, Fax: +386(0)5 72 12 245,

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smm5.png smm5.png smm5.png