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Note: Please be aware that these FAQ are mostly related to Via Dinarica White Trail section in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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[item title="How can I participate in the Via Dinarica?"]
The Via Dinarica is an open concept. It aims to promote the entire region, including yours, to tourists looking for sustainable, active holidays that are specifically catered to support local communities. Your participation depends on you whether you act as an individual, a business, or an NGO.
[item title="How and where can I find out more about Via Dinarica?"]
More information on the Via Dinarica can be found at or you can contact us through e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[item title="Are there any maps or GPX files of the Via D White Trail which can be downloaded?"]
All trail section descriptions and maps can be found on this link. It has to be noted that for now, only section in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (CT1) are completely marked as Via Dinarica. Follow the link and choose the stage you want to hike. Each stage has in detail description with POIs, and current weather conditions at the location and recommended time to do the hike. You can download each trail as GPX or print each stage as a pocket size brochure (there are several options). We recommend you also to install the Via Dinarica app on your mobile as in BiH all signposts have QR codes which leads you to the map of your current location.
[item title="How extent is the way marking and signage along the Via D White Trail?"]
With exceptions of few section all trails are marked with Knafelc's points and red/white stripes. However, where trail follows local roads, such marking is not available. Some sections in Bosnia are still under development, but will be completed soon. Check the descriptions and "conditions" of each stage for latest information. Please, report on the conditions of the Via Dinarica White Trail. For this option please use + Create a new current condition Button at the upper right corner of the window.
[item title="Are there any popular and well-travelled sections of the Via D White Trail?"]
Yes, there are popular sections, but considering them as "well-travelled" is a matter of expectations based on prior experience.
[item title="Is the trail well connected to villages for supplies?"]
Mostly not. However, each stage ends in an inhabited place or mountain lodge.
[item title="Do many of the villages provide some sort of accommodation?"]
There are mountain huts, lodges and/or accommodations in the villages. One can find accommodation in the village, but in most of cases do not expect professional services.
[item title="What are the camping options in the areas without villages?"]
Check the regulations of the national parks and other protected areas. Wild camping is forbidenn in Slovenia and in the National Parks of Croatia. In Durmitor there is a camping fee (small tent 3€ per night, big one 5€). In all other places, camping is usually without restrictions.
[item title="Are there enough water sources along the trail and what is water availability like along the trail during the summer?"]
Springs and wells on most of Bosnian stages are mapped. Intention is to map all others as well, but it will take some time. Help yourself by checking descriptions of the stages or look for local contacts and information. Most of the huts and shelters collect rainwater in big cisterns, but it might happen that they are empty or dirty, so we advise you to have water filter with you.
[item title="Are there any wild animals along the trail and are there any special precautions?"]
Luckily, Dinarides are still very alive with the wildlife, therefore it is possible to come across a fox, a rabbit, a snake, a dear, a wild boar or maybe even a bear. In any case, it is advised not panic and not to interrupt animals. Just keep on going your way.
[item title="What is the best time of the year to hike the Via D White Trail?"]
This depends on your personal preferences - it could be late summer, or a winter season, early spring, of colorful autumn. For each trail stage you have marked the best time of the year hike tip.
[item title="Is Via Dinarica White Trail safe from mines? Are there any risk sections along the Trail?"]
Via D White Trail is safe from land mines. However, at some stages it is possible that you will notice the "MINES" sign. Please, consult Conditions option for each stage.
BH Mine Suspected Areas
[item title="Do you have any official guide on what hikers may do and what they should not do?"]
All hikers have to enjoy their hiking. Be guided by the leave no trace principals andethics.
[item title="Do you have any web page where one can search for connections between i.e. small cities?"]
On each stage description you have How to get there section with detail information on buses and/or taxi options.
[item title="Is it possible to buy camping gas in Sarajevo/Mostar? If yes, what type of stove would be needed - Primus or any other?"]
Simple gas cartridges (penetration) you can buy on several places in the country, Sarajevo and Banja Luka for sure. Please search the sports equipment on for the list of outdoor stores.

Tips for future Via Dinarica thru-hikers prepared by Claire Leenen, first Via Dinarica female thru-hiker.

Practical information for all Via Dinarica hikers and thru-hikers by Eva Smelee. 

Via Dinarica BiH Terra Dinarica | Vladimira Nazora 2, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone: +387 62 393 393 e-mail:

Via Dinarica Croatia Hrvatski planinarski savez Kozarčeva 22, 10000 Zagreb, Cro
Phone: 01/48-23-624

Via Dinarica Slovenia RRA Zeleni kras, d.o.o., Prečna ulica 1, 6257 Pivka, Slo
Phone: +386(0)5 72 12 243, Fax: +386(0)5 72 12 245,

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