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The trail between Valbone and Theth is well known and today I am not the only hiker out here. Lazy, younger, older or last-minute hikers can rent a donkey so they don’t have to carry their luggage (suitcase) over the pass. Just before the pass I stop at the café for an icecold, sugary and carbonated refreshment and cake.

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After the pass there’s another café and another one and another one… After the last refreshment stop it’s a flat walk over pebbles and a few km’s down the riverbed it reaches a hotel and the paved road where taxidrivers are waiting.

With my head still in mountains I decide to hike the last eight Via Dinarica-km’s to the terminal. Along this road there’s refreshment stops and at some point there’s a stream running. No need to go hungry or thirsty out here.

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Than after an hour and a half I reach Rilindja Alpine Guesthouse and the quest for the terminal starts (the delicious food and sugary drinks are going to have to wait). The terminal I find, on the campground in the middle of a stream.

Via Dinarica: check! :)

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Since clouds have been building all afternoon, sleeping inside seems like a pretty good idea to me. So after an early dinner I head to the hostel and a few hours later a natural lightning and watery show starts and lasts all night.

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This blog has been written on trail and on a mobile phone.  



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