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Manners Matter, Even in the Mountains

“Be kind to the people you meet on the way to the top, for you may cross paths with the same people on the way down” is not only a life motto but also the first rule of conduct in nature, especially in the mountains.

As you climb a mountain, greet those coming down. Commend them for the feat you’re about to undertake.

If you come across a spring, fill your bottles and move on. Mountain springs are not meant for washing dirty shoes.

Is it necessary to mention picking up your trash? Of course not. You have manners so you know this. Educate those who don’t.

Don’t snap branches. If you need them for a fire, gather dry ones.

The forest doesn’t belong to you; it’s shared. Treat it as you would expect others to treat, let’s say, your own room.

Your job isn’t to clean the forest, but if you stumble upon a branch or a rock on the trail, move it. Someone less agile than you might trip and get hurt. You might save a life. What could be greater than that?

Steer clear of nests and don’t disturb the animals, especially cubs. Never! It’s neither nice nor safe.

Building a fire? CAUTION, CAUTION, CAUTION! Only build one if necessary and in an open space. Dig a hole in the ground and surround it with stones. When you no longer need it, don’t leave until the fire pit is cold. Use water, soil, and stones to extinguish it.

The stronger help the weaker. The group adapts to the weakest and slowest. Empathy will serve you well in life.

If an accident occurs, of any kind, your plans cease to be important. Your obligation, while taking care of your own safety, is to help in rescuing those in danger. Unity in the mountains is vital. Literally.

Smoking is not allowed in the shelters. It smells, it’s unhealthy and unpleasant. We hope you don’t smoke.

Leave mountain shelters, even better than you found them. It’s a sign of good manners.

Do not enter the dormitories in the shelters with muddy hiking boots.

The house rules of most mountain lodges dictate that bedtime is at 10 p.m., so everyone can rest for a new day and new adventures.

If you’ve conquered a peak where there’s a logbook and a stamp, sign it. Avoid leaving inappropriate comments. One day, you might return and feel uncomfortable.


Trails of a Shared Future

How to understand others if we don’t interact with them? How to learn about the beauty of our homeland if we haven’t seen it up close? How to know that you can enjoy a mountain if you haven’t felt rocks under your feet on a goat track? How to know what solidarity is if we haven’t overcome any obstacles together? How to understand the importance of warmth if we haven’t built a campfire together?

The BRIDGE project was developed precisely for this reason. Its foundation are the Via Dinarica trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It provides young people with the opportunity to overcome shared obstacles together, on the same path, and discover the natural, cultural, and recreational opportunities offered by these trails and this country.

The young people involved in the project have a chance to travel and enjoy quality time with their peers from different communities along the Via Dinarica trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Engaging in outdoor activities, they explore the beauty of their homeland, learning to appreciate it. They build friendships and new relationships, becoming tangible bridges connecting different shores, overcoming prejudices, and nurturing a culture of embracing diversity and authentic genuine values.

Via Dinarica, the hiking mega-trail, stretches the entire length of the Dinaric Alps, from Slovenia to Albania. The natural wonders along its path are among the most diverse and beautiful, yet least explored in Europe. A touch of mystery instantly transforms the youth into adventurers and explorers of the three trails: White, Green, and Blue, interconnected by hiking, cycling, and rafting routes. But it’s not all about fun. Adventure and adrenaline locations are linked to sites of cultural and historical significance. Something must be learned as well. 

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