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Mountain Safety Tips

Zehrudin Isaković

Study the planned trek in detail before ascending, considering factors such as trail length, elevation change, water availability, technical features, and current trail conditions to ensure optimal preparation and a safe hike.

Wearing appropriate attire and gear that suits the current season, terrain conditions, weather forecast is very important. Remember to pack extra clothing, a flashlight, and, if possible, spare batteries for your devices, such as phones, to be ready for various situations.

Hiking doesn’t necessarily require ideal weather. Depending on the difficulty and trek length, you evaluate whether the weather is suitable for the planned hike. Always allow more time than you think you need to return before worsening weather conditions or sunset. It’s not worth going at all costs. Be patient—the mountains will be there next weekend.

Forming new friendships is a great benefit of hiking. Some of them may even evolve into lifelong bonds. Nevertheless, in places where certain risks are expected, it’s important for your hiking companions to be compatible in character and in every other aspect. There have been instances where accidents, wanderings, and disorientation with unwanted consequences occurred due to disagreements within the group.

Before embarking on a mountain hike, inform people close to you about your plans and update them promptly on any changes. This information enables them to react appropriately in case of unforeseen situations. When planning more challenging ascents, also notify the local Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) stations about your intentions. In case of imminent danger, call the Operational Center of Civil Protection, which coordinates the GSS, at the number 121.

Health issues don’t necessarily rule out going to the mountains; in fact, in some cases, it might be recommended. However, it’s important to follow the doctor’s advice because even minor health issues, easily manageable in urban areas, can become serious, even fatal, in the mountains, away from civilization. Unanticipated health issues, like injuries, are also possible. It’s important to carry a first aid kit and, ideally, take a first aid course.

Careful planning of hikes with moderate intensity, slightly below your maximum capabilities, is crucial to avoid fatigue, dehydration, or more serious issues that could potentially lead to a fatal outcome. Real insight into your abilities comes through experience. Pay close attention to your body’s reactions during hikes, including the speed at which you tackle elevation changes and fatigue after ascents. This attention allows you to assess your current fitness condition and determine a realistic pace of your progress.

imageQRBosnia and Herzegovina still has areas contaminated with landmines. You can download a map of mine suspected areas in the country at this link.


Trails of a Shared Future

How to understand others if we don’t interact with them? How to learn about the beauty of our homeland if we haven’t seen it up close? How to know that you can enjoy a mountain if you haven’t felt rocks under your feet on a goat track? How to know what solidarity is if we haven’t overcome any obstacles together? How to understand the importance of warmth if we haven’t built a campfire together?

The BRIDGE project was developed precisely for this reason. Its foundation are the Via Dinarica trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It provides young people with the opportunity to overcome shared obstacles together, on the same path, and discover the natural, cultural, and recreational opportunities offered by these trails and this country.

The young people involved in the project have a chance to travel and enjoy quality time with their peers from different communities along the Via Dinarica trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Engaging in outdoor activities, they explore the beauty of their homeland, learning to appreciate it. They build friendships and new relationships, becoming tangible bridges connecting different shores, overcoming prejudices, and nurturing a culture of embracing diversity and authentic genuine values.

Via Dinarica, the hiking mega-trail, stretches the entire length of the Dinaric Alps, from Slovenia to Albania. The natural wonders along its path are among the most diverse and beautiful, yet least explored in Europe. A touch of mystery instantly transforms the youth into adventurers and explorers of the three trails: White, Green, and Blue, interconnected by hiking, cycling, and rafting routes. But it’s not all about fun. Adventure and adrenaline locations are linked to sites of cultural and historical significance. Something must be learned as well. 

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