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Eva is a girl from Amsterdam who loves mountains and walking barefoot. She is thru-hiking the Via Dinarica White Trail and is sharing her stories with the rest of the virtual world. More about her experience can be found at

EVA SMEELE | 30.11.2017
3in1 or Looking back on November (2017)
At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt...
EVA SMEELE | 31.10.2017
[Green Trail] Looking back on October (2017)
  At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt...
EVA SMEELE | 30.09.2017
[Green Trail] Looking back on September
  At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt...
EVA SMEELE | 15.10.2016
Slovenia’s Secrets
EVA SMEELE | 02.10.2016
Incredible Croatian Karst
EVA SMEELE | 12.08.2016
Beautifully Wild, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Although nature does not know borders, borders are often formed by nature. Mountains, rivers and...
EVA SMEELE | 04.08.2016
Prenj party
EVA SMEELE | 28.07.2016
Lost and found, short cut versus wild nature
 Sunday I was supposed to meet some friends from Sarajevo at Boračko Jezero. Rewinding time!...
EVA SMEELE | 17.07.2016
WILD BALKAN: nature versus mankind, what do they teach me?
Many many wild plants were in my way. If I had known which I could eat, I perhaps would appreciate them more....
EVA SMEELE | 13.07.2016
Thriving Tjentište
Tjentište is a little town with a big big hotel. People are obviously not coming here for the city...
EVA SMEELE | 12.07.2016
Magnificent Mountains of Montenegro
EVA SMEELE | 10.07.2016
Maglić, to climb or not to climb?
  After skipping Bobotov Kuk, I told myself to at least go up Maglić, Bosnia’s highest mountain. This...
EVA SMEELE | 08.07.2016
Into the Footsteps of ˝Team Via Dinarica˝
In 2013 Via Dinarica started with their “Walking the Via Dinarica” project to explore the area,...
EVA SMEELE | 24.06.2016
Amazing Albanian Alps
EVA SMEELE | 23.06.2016
Rikavačko Paradise
After the adventure with Drande the sweet shepherd lady from Vermosh, I gained an experience, but...
EVA SMEELE | 19.06.2016
Maja Jezercë, to climb or not to climb…
The Via Dinarica White Trail finds its way through the mountains of the Dinaric Alps. It crosses the...
EVA SMEELE | 07.06.2016
Hiking on the Green Trail to Vukov Konak
A few weeks ago while I was still in Amsterdam, I saw a post on the Terra Dinarica Facebook page...
EVA SMEELE | 03.06.2016
The GOOD, bad & ugly (people on the Via Dinarica)
  Two weeks on the trail surrounded by mountains, flowers, cattle and flies. I’m hiking on my own...
EVA SMEELE | 17.03.2016
Via Dinarica, an inspired trail through the Dinaric Alps
To this day the Balkans and especially Bosnia Herzegovina is unknown territory for many outdoor...
EVA SMEELE | 28.03.2015
Between Two Worlds
After a night on an airplane, a transfer and another flight I arrived at Sarajevo airport mid...


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