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Claire Leenen became the first women to complete Via Dinarica White Trail. Apart from being adventurous hiker, she is also an outdoor blogger. Here, you can read her personal stories. If you want to know more about her experience, write her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CLAIRE LEENEN | 10.08.2016
Trail from Theth to Valbona
The trail between Valbone and Theth is well known and today I am not the only hiker out here....
CLAIRE LEENEN | 08.08.2016
Albania Alternate
Just before Vermosh I leave the Via Dinarica and hike a marked trail to Lepushë. This is an easy...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 06.08.2016
From Komovi to Vermosh
After a zero waiting for my border crossing permit in Adrijevica I hit the trail again. The hike...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 05.08.2016
Morning mist at Biogradska Gora
This stage starts with morning mists leading through katuns and along grazing livestock. Up until...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 02.08.2016
Zabljak via Sinjajevina to Biogradska Gora
I’m happy leaving crazy, busy Žabljak, there’s too much going on here and too many people to make...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 29.07.2016
Durmitor National Park Hike
Walking past her house, an old lady asks if I’d like kafu? Yes, please! She doesn’t speak any...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 26.07.2016
Trnovačko Lake, Maglić peak and Piva Canyon
It’s a fast hike down from Donje Bare to the road. It seems like a lot of maintenance work has...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 24.07.2016
Lelija and Zelengora Mountains to Sutjeska National Park
My phone drowned in the Treskavica showers and I had to take a zero to buy a new one (no phone, no...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 20.07.2016
From Sarajevo via Treskavica to Kalinovik
After buying a new trekking pole and eating lots of calories in busy and warm Sarajevo it’s time...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 14.07.2016
Ruište via Lukomir and Umoljani villages to Sarajevo
After buying a new phone and rewriting lost blog posts the cab driver drove me back up the...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 10.07.2016
Prenj, one and only
After a resupply and a zero I left the town of Jablanica for Prenj mountains. Usually the hike out of...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 06.07.2016
Vran Mountain and Blidinje Lake to Cvrsnica Mountain
The cab driver drops me off at the start of stage 27. Here it is the first time I’m welcomed by...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 29.06.2016
Dinara Mountain
Traveling from Starigrad to Knin took me a day, but I got to see the beautiful old town of...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 27.06.2016
Velebit and Paklenica
Leaving town is always hard. Especially when the forecast is rain.And rain there was. I hiked the...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 22.06.2016
Vratnik via Velebit to Karlobag
After a relaxing day, a stay in a room with a view, some good seafood and buying resupplies in a...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 18.06.2016
From Miroslav Hirtz Shelter to Senj
A few km’s after leaving Skloniste Miroslav Hirtz (stage 7) the fun started again. Fallen trees,...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 17.06.2016
Fužine via Bitorajska to Miroslav Hirtz Shelter
Rain. Two full days of rain after leaving Fuzine. Including thunder and lightning. Oh and hail...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 14.06.2016
Kupa River via Crni Lug to Fužine
The first few km’s hiking from Izvor Kupe are nice, then I hit another paved forest road. The...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 10.06.2016
Prezid and Kupa Springs
These parts of the Via Dinarica are not yet ready for hikers – in my opinion…Leaving Prezid was a...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 07.06.2016
Postojna to Prezid
The trail from Postojna to Mašun is like a forest highway, but with little cars. It’s a fast and...
CLAIRE LEENEN | 03.06.2016
Nova Gorica to Predjama
The last 1.5 days I hiked from the Italian/Slovenian border to Predjama Castle – where the White... 

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